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Richard Wee & Yip - Conventus Law Profile


At RWY, we adopt the motto “bridging gaps” as our clarion call. We aim to bridge the gap between your legal tribulations and the solutions. The motto “bridging gaps” is a registered trademark of RWY since 2011.

We strive to provide the best possible service in our areas of practice which includes but are not limited to Civil Litigation, Conveyancing, Estate Planning, Corporate & Commercial Matters, Criminal Defence, Industrial Relation and issues relating to Trust matters.

RWY offers advise in areas related to Company Law, Contract Law, Sports Law, Construction Law and Employment Law. We also offer services for other areas of law, which are listed in our website.


The Partners

The two Partners of RWY are Yip Huen Weng and Richard Wee Thiam Seng.

Yip, called to the Malaysian Bar in 1998, had established his own practise of Messrs Yip Huen Weng in 2004. He specialises in the areas of Dispute Resolutions, Commercial and Corporate Contracts, Estate Planning & Property Transactions. He is also a qualified and accredited Mediator at the Malaysian Mediation Centre and at the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Richard established Messrs T.S. Wee & Co. in 2003. He was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1999. Richard has a personal liking of Trust Laws & Sports Law, and has built a reputation in Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence Litigation. He is an elected member of the Bar Council and a committee member of the Football Association of Malaysia’s Disciplinary Committee.


The RWY Team

The Partners of RWY are supported by a team of Associates. Each and every Associate has unique and distinct skills. They complement the Partners well.

Every matter referred to RWY by our clients will be handled by a team of either 2 or 3 lawyers. This ensures continuity of form and function.

The RWY team is further supported by an administrative department. With a combined experience of more than 40 years, the members of this department are the pillars of the firm’s administration.

Over and above that, we are complemented by a group of external researchers, whose services the firm engages from time to time.


The Clients

RWY continue to maintain long standing clients with relationships forged over many years. Amongst the clients that we actively serve are Sunway Group of Companies, Kendall Court Group, Winston Engineering Sdn Bhd, Jallcon Sdn Bhd, Deru Gemilang Sdn Bhd, Safuan Group of Companies, F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd, Legoland Malaysia, IJM Berhad and Chevron Malaysia Limited.

As RWY is known to offer advise in Sports Law; the firm does advise numerous sports based companies and associations. A few athletes count as our clients too.

The firm is engaged by a considerable number of clients in their personal capacity. Amongst them is Malaysia’s famous artiste, Ms Ning Baizura.

We are also one of the legal advisers for the Malaysia French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MFCCI).


RWY Sports Law Conference

RWY is probably amongst the few law firms in Malaysia who organises and hosts our very own law conference. In 2013 and 2014, we hosted the RWY Sports Law Conference.

In tandem with exploring the frontiers of Sports Law in Malaysia, the purpose and objective of these conferences was to create a platform to generate discussion and exchange views about Sports Law. The conferences were successful with firm feedback from the delegates to organise the conferences again. Plans are underway to hold another Sports Law Conference in the near future.



Yip Huen Weng is a qualified and accredited mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre and the Malaysian Mediation Centre.

Yip is also a member of the Malaysian Bar Council’s Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

RWY sees mediation as a useful platform to find solution and resolution.

The Alliance

RWY is a member of an alliance of law firms based all over Peninsula Malaysia. The alliance has members from the far north in Bukit Mertajam; to the southern coast of Johor Bahru and the far east of Kota Bahru.

Internationally, RWY has relations and links with law firms in Melbourne, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, London and Rio de Janeiro.

RWY is also a member of the Australia and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA).


Civil Liberties

Whenever the firm is given the opportunity, we do take up matters involving civil liberties.

We are inspired by many great leaders who stood up for rights, defended causes and advocated altruism.

Community Projects

RWY are initiators of a community project referred to as Safer Malaysia, an anti-crime community initiative. The project was adopted by the Bar Council of Malaysia in 2013 and has received considerable support not only from the legal fraternity, but also communities all over Malaysia.