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Vientiane, Lao PDR


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LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY is the only Lao legal firm which offers a full range of legal services. 


LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY was the only legal firm in Laos to receive a Golden Award 2005 from the Lao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Such awards are made to outstanding companies and businesses in the Lao PDR and are confined to the private sector of the economy. The 2005 awards also marked the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of the Lao PDR and so had additional significance.


Over 50,000 domestic and international companies and businesses in Lao PDR were eligible for these awards, and, of these just 87 were so honored. 

The award to LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY was in recognition of corporate excellence in the field of law. 

LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY was established in 1998. Our company handles all matters with care and delivers the best outcomes possible to our clients with minimal delay. That is why, from our modest beginning, as LAO LAW & CONSULTANCY has grown to be one of the leading legal entities in Laos and its FIRST qualified legal firm. 


One of our main objectives is to “deliver complete satisfaction to our clients”. To achieve this, our avenues of communication are always open to our clients. We always welcome and value client feedback. Should there be any aspect of our services of concern to our clients, they are more than welcome to raise the matter with any of our staff. Or if preferred, clients can discuss their concerns directly with the Executive Manager of the company. 

We have sound and longstanding relations with government departments and agencies and can act as agents, intermediaries or facilitators in assisting clients in dealing with such bodies.


Should you wish to discuss any matter relating to our services, please do not hesitate to contact any of us in our company. 
Our company hopes to be of assistance in the near future. We look forward to working closely with you and your organization.

LLC and its associates provides the legal services in Cambodia and Myanmar.


Lao Law & Consultancy Group has the strong connection with various lines of Ministries authorities (Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Resource and Environment, Department of Geology; Ministry of Energy and Mines; Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Lao Youth Union, Central Bank of Lao PDR, etc) and Government of Lao PDR. LLC has the very good time record for assisting the company to obtain the operation permit, concession agreement and all required licenses to operate the projects in Laos. Those include Mining projects, Hydro project, Special Economic Zone project, banking license and other activities.




Mr. Khamsene Sayavong
Executive Manager

Mr. Sayavong has more than 30 years experience specializing in Real Estate transactions. He has unique knowledge of the procedures, documents and complexities involved in property transfers in Lao PDR. Mr. Sayavong holds a number of senior management positions with various organizations in the country, including more than 10 years working experience in Intellectual Property law, at both national and international levels. Mr. Sayavong also has extensive experience in Intellectual Property matters such as litigation, dispute settlement, and consulting services and advice.  He can bring these skills to bear in a manner that is both practical and appropriate in the context of local, regional and international intellectual property law. Mr. Sayavong, as Executive Manager, also brings significant expertise in corporate reporting, management and strategic matters to our firm. His Professional Memberships include: Senior Lawyer of Law Institute of Victoria/Australia (2003); ASEAN Intellectual Property Association; Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (HATSUMEI KYOKAI) and Association For Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) of Japan (1997).

Dr. Paul Sery
Managing Partner


Dr. Sery, holds the following qualifications: Doctorate in International Law and International Financial Institutions of Development (1973) from University of France; Doctorate in Territorial Conflict in Asia (1981); Certificate of Attorney’s Profession (1972); Bachelor of Law-Contemporary History (1972); Diploma of Rural Legislation & Economy (1970) and Diploma of Political Study (1969). Dr. Sery is highly skilled in dispute settlement and litigation at all local, national and international levels, as he has more than 35 years Court and Bar Association experience.  

Ms. Siri Sayavong
Director of Legal Division

Ms. Sayavong completed her Master of Law degree at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia in 2003, and was  admitted to practice as Attorney-At-Law by the Lao Ministry of Justice.  She has worked in multi-disciplinary environments across a wide range of businesses both in Laos and overseas. She has worked as a consultant for a various projects including private investment, public funded projects (Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport & Public Works, etc), Foreign Technical Assistance (TA) projects, ODA such as World Bank, ADB, JICA as well as NGO projects; as Research Analyst for the Australian Trade Commission; as Assistant Manager of Lao Trademark Agency; as an assistant instructor at Vientiane College and as a translator for the Japanese Association for Sending Picture Books to Lao Children. Her professional memberships include: Senior Member of the Law Institute of Victoria (Australia); Associate and General Member of Australasian Institute of Banking & Finance.

Mr. Peter Jorm 
Senior Legal Advisor

Mr. Jorm holds the degrees of Bachelor of Laws (University of New South Wales, 1985) and Master of Education (University of Sydney, 1976).  He was admitted as a barrister to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 1986 and as a barrister and solicitor to the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in 1989.  He has worked as an advocate in administrative law proceedings with various government departments.  He has also had the carriage of appeal proceedings at Federal Court and Full Federal Court levels.  He has had extensive experience in the development of legal policy leading to legislative amendment.

Mr. Terry Hurlock
Intellectual Property Marketing Supervisor

Mr. Hurlock studied Marketing at the University of South Australia (previously South Australia Institute of Technology) 1965-72 to obtain a Diploma in Business Administration specializing in marketing research. He was admitted in 1972 to membership of the Australian Marketing Institute. Mr. Hurlock is currently a Fellow of the A.M.I and has qualified as a Certified Practising Marketer (C.P.M). He has a specialist marketing skill in assisting inventors through the IP legal and commercialization maze with new inventions.




Lao Law & Consultancy has the following unique advantages:


  • Is a local legal firm based in Laos.
  • Has been authorized by the Lao PDR Ministry of Justice to provide legal advice and to represent clients in litigation matters.
  • Has been authorized by the Lao PDR Prime Minister’s Office to handle all IP matters in Laos.
  • Has been authorized by Ministry of Information and Culture to provide translation for legal, IP and general documents.
  • Is the ONLY legal firm in Laos to hold all 3 of the above licenses.
  • Is the only legal firm in Laos that has specialized knowledge and experience in IP.
  • Is the firm with the highest success rate in dispute settlement and litigation
  • Is the only legal firm to have been awarded the Golden Award as the best legal practice in Laos.


We provide a full range of legal services, including 


  • legal advice generally
  • IPO (Laos, China, Hongkong, and overseas stock exchanges )
  • litigation and enforcement
  • legal drafting
  • investment consultancy 
  • obtaining investment, business and tax licenses
  • specialised advice regarding the law, decrees and regulations of Lao PDR associated with trade, investment, customs and other areas
  • specialization in the area of intellectual property law, including trademark, patent, petty patent and industrial designs, as below.
  • ENERGY (Oil/Gas/Hydro)
  • Mining (Gold, Copper, Potash, Sinc, Tin, Coal and other minerals)


Commercial/Business Law 


  • Foreign Investment
  • Contracts
  • Insurance
  • Banking/Financial
  • Damages
  • Debt Collection
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Corporations
  • Transportation
  • Maritime
  • Foreign Claims
  • Estate
  • Taxes
  • Labour Relations
  • Auto/Accidents


Criminal Law


  • Government Relations
  • Immigration
  • Narcotics


Family Law


  • Adoptions
  • Child Custody
  • Parental Child Abduction
  • Child Protection
  • Marriage/Divorce


Intellectual Property Law


  • Trademark 
  • Trade Name
  • Domain Name
  • Patent
  • Petty Patent
  • Industrial Design
  • Copyright
  • Geographic Indication
  • Integrated Circuit Layout
  • Trade Secret
  • Plant Varieties
  • Infringement Execution


Dispute Settlement


  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Appeal




  • Translation (legal, technical and non-technical field) 
  • Interpretation 
  • Transcription