LexOrbis is a premier Intellectual Property law firm providing end-to-end IP and legal services to a large number of leading multi-national corporations, knowledge driven companies, public sector organisations, medium and small enterprises, technology start-ups and Indian and overseas universities and research institutions.


Key practice areas


End-to-end IP services starting from ideation to monetization including, procurement, protection, maintenance and enforcement of all forms of IP rights and assets.


Our services


Being one of the pioneers within the industry in India, we take great pride in offering a fine blend of technical expertise with sharp legal acumen to provide services including identification, clearances, preparation & prosecution, transactional & commercial advisory, enforcement and assertion, dispute resolution and general advisory on all forms of Intellectual Property Rights including Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Copyright, Geographical Indication, Plant Varieties and related areas such as Biodiversity laws, Information Technology, Advertising, Media & Entertainment and Legal Metrology.


IP Assets Identification


To obtain effective protection on inventions and innovation, early identification of protectable assets is crucial. We provide valuable search based analytics of patent and non-patent data to assist our clients in developing and directing effective research & development strategies leading to creation of valuable IP assets and rights. We also assist client in developing efficient Invention Disclosure Forms (IDF) for its inventors, provide on-site training to inventors on writing effective IDFs and of course we write new cases working  loosely with the inventors.


Branding Strategies


Trademarks are the most important element of any brand, be it for goods or services. Opting for a right and enforceable trademark therefore is the most essential part of a branding exercise. We provide domestic and global trademark clearance services to assist our clients in identifying enforceable marks, logos and names to create a unique identity for every product or service. We also help assist clients in the early stages of developing their online presence and signature, to ensure the most comprehensive protection. This includes registering domain names, as well as addressing infringements on web space.


Protecting IP assets


The firm boasts of having one of the finest team of patent attorneys in India for writing and drafting new patent applications in almost all areas of technologies. Our team writes claims and complete specifications as per the USPTO standard and we file patent applications in India, PCT and as conventional and national phase applications in almost across the globe, through networks of our preferred associate law firms and intellectual property attorneys.


The Legal Practice Group at the firm also assist clients in filing and obtaining registrations of National and International Trademark and Design applications either using the Madrid system of WIPO, CTM or by filing independent applications in such countries.


Enforcement & Assertion


Our experienced litigators guide the clients through practical advices to enforce and assert their IP assets in India. We work closely with the clients to formulate effective IP enforcement strategies which could be easily executed in a time bound manner with highest yields from such litigations or enforcement actions. We represent client at all judicial forums including District Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.


We deploy industry specific operatives to generate market intelligence, to monitor physical and virtual markets for instances of IP infringement and to un-earth fixers, manufacturers and lead importers of counterfeit and pirated goods in India and we organize enforcement actions across the country with the assistance of the Police, Custom Officers and through criminal administration system.


Offering the Advice You Need


Since our inception, our hands-on approach, domain expertise and ground-breaking processes have helped us emerge as key players in the intellectual property arena.