China - ZTE And OPPO Reach A Major Patent Deal

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10 June 2021



Date: 2021-5-25

From February to March 2021, ZTE transferred at least 47 patents to OPPO, a smartphone manufacturer, in four separate transactions. The patents are all communications-related and cover many technical areas such as base stations, terminals, networks and wireless communications. Patent application dates are mostly between 2011 and 2016 and license dates fall between 2015 and 2019, with the remaining patent protection period to be around 10 years or more than 15 years.

Large-scale patent transactions between multinational companies are quite common, but major patent transactions between two well-known domestic companies are very rare and has attracted much publicity. Given the significant value of the patent transactions between ZTE and OPPO, along with their far-reaching market and industry influence, ZTE and OPPO will lead the trend of large-scale domestic intellectual property transactions and play a positive role in promoting the continuous development of market transactions.




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